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DJ Khaled Feat. Drake X Rick Ross X Lil’ Wayne – No New Friends (Prod. Boi-1da & Noah “40” Shebib) [Video]

dead@ NO………NEW……..FRIENDS…..please dont let this be the new “YOLO”


i just cant…..

isnt vado a new friend though?????

Pusha T – Numbers On The Boards (Prod. Kanye West X Don Cannon)


ok push………this is more like it

apparently this is the follow up to jigga’s “open letter” (whatever ‘ye)

Justin Timberlake Feat. Jay-Z – Suite & Tie (Video)

the 20/20 experience dropping ehhhhhh i dont remember

Shawn Chrystopher – biscayne (Prod. Timbaland)


a couple things.

– was never a big fan of shawn chystopher, but good for him, getting a look from timbo is a big deal

– i guess cali rappers are the next fad for over the hill producers to piggy back on, (pharrell: buddy, dre: tde , now shawn chrys: timbo)

– soooooooo timbo wants to get back into hip hop? fuck you nigga….thats why jay blackballed (paws)

– did you just compare him to tupac??????rudywhatever

Missy Elliot Feat. Timbaland – Triple Threat (Prod. Timbaland)



missy’s triumphant return to music starts with a hip hop beat from her partner in crime, timbaland…..thanks for coming back to rap music, timbo….i know you were looking for that flo-rida paper/fame, but you know theres only room for one sell out pop as fuck nigga in the game lol

Drake talks Aaliyah project (Video)


now doesnt timbo look like the biggest dick for talking shit ? yea he does….clown

Aaliyah Feat. Drake – Enough Said



im late…so the fuck what

blackground has the rights to all this old aaliyah shit….they asked drake to executive produce the posthumous album….timbo says if drake doesnt consult him, then itd be wrong…..yea i understand that and all…but the last time you were apart of a high profile release all your tracks leaked (blueprint 3)….and ever since then, no ones really wanted to fuck with you lol

40 will def be on the boards….so i guess it wont be awful? im not really down though, but this drake verse is nice….