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Florence and the Machine – Take Care Cover (Video)

HIPSTER ALERT!!!! i love when hipster bitches cover hip hop songs….imma post another after this….

Drake Does 650 + and a handwritten congrats from Hov…..Cole loses, again…


first off congrats to the homie drake for not only dropping the album of the year (yes better than wtt) but also having the second highest first week sales in 2011 (wayne was number 1..i know, im not even gonna get into that, so lets just move on)….

but i also had to poke a little fun at j cole….soooooo when cole’s album was number one, you saw the half assed congratulations he got from his boss (HERE)…. but when drizzy’s album drops, hov was so impressed that he felt the need to write drake a little congrats message…lol….

its a running joke on the nets, but seriously google image j cole and jay-z and see how many pictures together these two niggas have (NOT INCLUDING PERFORMANCE PHOTOS) lol….yea, i bet you cant find more than five….


Drake – Underground King (Prod. T- Minus)


this is one of the many standout tracks (and possibly my favorite) on drake’s take care….. young money hit maker t-minus does a job with the beat, and drake is lyrically on point (and the acura references get a nigga hyped too)..but im posting this on some NERD ALERT hip hop head shit…..if you pay attention, you can hear elements of two popular wayne songs in the beat (neck of the woods & duffle bag boy)….

being the meticulous artist drake is, he even references the two tracks in each verse:

“walkin’ like a man, finger on the trigger, got money in my pocket imma uptown nigga”

“if i dont do nothin, imma ball, im countin all day like a clock on the wall”

 drewpee, i know you can appreciate some shit like that….

if you aint got take care go cop HERE

Drake speaks talks “The Ride” off Take Care (Video)

“My album isn’t a collection of club anthems. It’s not 13 I’m On Ones, or 13 Maybe She Wills.”

sorry pimp d, i know thank me later had alot more lotus joints, but youll end up enjoying this one alot longer….


Static Major – Old School Playa AKA Drake – Look What You’ve Done (Video)

one of my favorite songs off of drake’s  take care is “look what youve done” ….some real shit….the voicemail of his moms at the end, fucks me up everytime i hear it….ells happend to stumble upon where chase n’ cash got the sample from and its actually from the late static major (producer of “lollipop” , member of rnb group playa etc….)…drewpee and ells know what im talking about, but hearing the song makes me feel some type of way, but seeing this video just takes it to a whole nother level…dope

go support

Just Blaze & The “Lord Knows” Choir (Video)

one of my favorite tracks off of you know whose you know what….welcome back just…..

shouts to gatsby….the originotor of gawdknows lol

Drake – Take Care (Tracklist)

1. Over My Dead Body
2. Shot For Me
3. Headlines
4. Crew Love ft. The Weeknd
5. Take Care ft. Rihanna
6. Marvins Room
7. Under Ground Kings
8. We’ll Be fine
9. Make Me Proud ft. Nicki Minaj
10. Lord Knows ft. Rick Ross
11. Cameras
12. Doing It Wrong
13. The Real Her ft. Andre 3000 & Lil Wayne
14. Look What You’ve Done
15. HYFR ft. Lil Wayne
16. Practice
17. The Ride

18. Hate Sleeping Alone
19. Untitled ft. Lil Wayne

thoughts? gripes? i know its just a tracklist, and i actually hate when people say “classic” or “flop” based off a single and a tracklist, but fuck it, what do the hundreds and HUNDREDS of yall think about this? oh yea, this is missing a couple features, the obvious one being bun b on “under ground kings” and kendricks got a verse floating around on the album as well….

on a completely unrelated note, its EARLY SON *freewayvoice but imma try and make up for my absence yesterday….got a lot of shit to post….so be on the look out for the rest of the day

shouts to drewpee for filling in quite nicely….i might have to promote you to intern status….