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Pusha T Feat. Chris Brown – Sweet Serenade (Prod. Swizz Beatz) [Video]


songs not nearly as good as nosetalgia, but at least the visuals bring something to the table?

Jay-Z Feat. Timbaland X Swizz Beatz – Open Letter



lol @ the bitch quoting the lyrics in that deadpan voice…..

+1 white house

….i actually like the beat, for real, but this jigga “i know obama” shit?  is just annoying….stay with the “im so rich” raps, those never get old….thanks hov

Pusha T – Numbers On The Boards (Prod. Kanye West X Don Cannon)


ok push………this is more like it

apparently this is the follow up to jigga’s “open letter” (whatever ‘ye)

French Montana Feat. J. Cole X Rick Ross – Diamonds (Video)

did anyone else know that this is a swizz beatz productions? probably why its so mediocre…..#pewnpewnpewn

Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire (Video)

this bitch is so fucking bad……who cares if the song is good or not…swizz beatz? i fucking hate you

Swizz Beatz Reveals The Knicks 2013 Theme Song (Video)

basketball is such a black sport lol



…………….no comment

R2WW – DMX – Flesh of My Flesh Blood of My Blood

this is the first dmx song….and it wont be the last….dmx in his prime? i dont know if it got any better than that….swiss on the boards…

r2ww to download