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Ski Beatz X STS – Moon Walking (Preview)

Looks like Ski Beatz is going to take another shot at this 24 Hour Karate School. STS (who got his name from an atlanta pimp or it was his atlanta pimp name, one or the other? or both?) from the Money Making Jam Boys adds his vocals, while old hippie ass dame cosigns.

Hey, Ski? let’s try not to fuck this sequel up. The first one had the momentum of a fucking freight train and you managed to whiff on the whole ordeal.

2 Dope Boyz Q-Tip x ?uestlove x Curren$y x Kid Sister – What Makes an Artist? (Video)

The artist above answer the question “what makes an artist?” . To my surprise and probably to ells delight, kid sister said the shit that stuck with me the most (and not just cuz that bitch puckered her lips and played the “piccolo”). What’s that song in the background?  The Roots  feat. Joanna Newsome & STS – Right On.

Hit the bungee to download the song.