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Drake Feat. Soulja Boy – We Made It




this shit sound like the sequel to “worst beahviour” and “305 to My City”….loving this shit…and oyu know a nigga will ALWAYS cosign kenny power’s drops





Riff Raff Feat. Action Bronson – Bird on a Wire (Prod. Harry Fraud) [Video]

i have no fucking idea who riff raff is (apparently he’s a soulja boy weed carrier?, that cant be good lol) but this shit is smooth as shit, def fucking with it…..

la musica de harry fraud on the boards..

Soulja Boy X Rick Ross X DJ Khaled X Plies X Gucci Mane X OJ Da Juiceman X Nicki Minaj X Waka Flocka Flame X Lil’ Wayne – ShawtBusShawty Reloaded

lol awwww man this is sooooo good….so much better than that racks remix

good looks ells…

Big Sean is alittle upset with the Soulja Boy comparisons….

“I aint never heard soulja boy rap so good…..”

for those wondering what song people are making these ridiculous comparisons to, i upped that shit….its actually one of drewpee’s favorites….

bungee to download and for the hilarious pause worth art work lol….

Bow Wow X Soulja Boy – Get Money

I dont know why, but im feeling this song. i also liked “marco polo” as well though????

dont know how old this is, but soulja straight jacks gucci manes flow and oj the juicemans adlibs

joint had me like….

Soulja Boy Feat. 50 Cent – Mean Mug (Video)

My goodness this is awful…Doesn’t this shit make you cringe?

Damn homie, in ’03 you was the man homie, fuck happened to you?

I think it’s safe to say currently Banks >>>>>>>>>>>50

Lupe Fiasco – S.L.R (Super Lupe Rap)


“So don’t be scared to take the Super Lu’ route
Top-5 alive & I only got 2 out
School you on ya’ history I tell you what you ’bout
Fight for all the right things & let the Huey New out
Pharell what these homies talking ’bout
A 2-man Big Pun, A 1-man Slaughterhouse
A 2 album Jay-Z, A 1 homie Wu-Tang
A young & hungry Mos Def, A conscious rapping Lil Wayne
And I dont care for similarities ’cause I’m a pioneer & not a parody
These ain’t bars, this is barbarity, S-L-R…clarity.”

yikes this nigga can spit…..but we already knew that

As for the Soulja Boy line, he’s referring to this.

Bungee to download…