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Drew P – Know Me Yet (Rough)


its a really fucking slow friday and there isnt much to post today, so i thought id let loose of a track that was gonna be on drew p’s mixtape…but because he’s a fucking bitch he never puts in the work or studio time to get a full length project  together…..not sure who did the beat but it bangs and drew does his thing on it…..

boosh to download….


WTT Review

here’s a funny well done review by p-tone over @ Big Ghost Chronicles of the most anticipated album in recent memory…. unlike byron crawford, its not a review just bashing the album, instead an actual objective review…this is way fucking better than drewpee’s weak ass “im an amatuer rapper who often has nas like moments of rap snobbery” facebook review….

here’s a little taste (pause)…if you dont speak ebonics, find the nearst nigga and have him translate it for you:

2. Lift Off (ft. Beyonce) – I almost aint wanna even comment on this shit son…. I dont even kno what to say bout it yo. This shit sounds like the anthem the fairies in Ferngully would use to go to war against evil humans to or some shit b. This shit is like Shia LeBeouf in song form yo. Lissenin to this shit is like havin ya ears penetrated by a million microscopic dicks namsayin. Shit sounds like niggas doin aerobics on a magical cloud of daisies. How many meadows did Kanye cartwheel across before he decided to make this beat? Seriously yo…. Jus how many lily pads did the nigga skip across the pond on before he got inspired to make some shit like this? Definitely one a the worst songs Jay ever been involved in…thats includin those lame joints off Vol 3 wit Amil n Mariah or the worst songs off Kingdom Come….EVEN the Timbo joints off Blueprint 3. Like this joint is SOFT son. Guess thats why Jay only spit like 5 n a half bars on it. Its like the song Yung Berg would play before he goes n commits his latest string of L’s. Shit is jus terrible son…especially since it took like 6 niggas to produce this muthafucka. 


check out the rest here….

shouts to dj humz for the link

Drake – Marvin’s Room (Video)

as the song begins to hit the radio, drake drops a video…well done…you watching cole? this is how you create a buzz… no word on whether or not this will be on take care

shouts to drewpee for the exclusive………………………………

Hova X Yeezy – H.A.M (Za) (Live)

jigga and kanye perform their watch the throne cut in NY @ the MOMA (no muma)…..

drewpee was supposed to be there, but he didnt find out about the event till yesterday morning (fail)…..

Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Video)

alright so yea i dont get this adele craze…..and before you stop reading YES,  i watched her performance on snl (or whatever late night show it was),  YES, I watched the chelsea lately interview (but only cuz i want to yam chelsea out), YES, I even heard the album in its entirety in a bitches car (extremly depressing shit btw.  but think about it she wrote the shit when she was 21. and at age whatever she is right now,  she is not that cute  and fat, and shes this way with a stylist and make up expert.  think about what she looked like when she was broke, fatter and without a stylist or makeup artist?  yea, im pretty sure when she wasnt getting ignored by guys, she was getting played the fuck out…..which is pretty sad, but also really good material to write about), not even being number one on itunes got my attention.

but when drewpee told me that adele tickets were going for $360 a POP and that he was actually contemplating making the purchase is when i was like “what the fuck is going on here?!?!?”…..drewpees the same guy who said paying a hundo for a yeezy concert is overpaying, but $360 to see a fat british bitch sit on  a stool and sing (sometimes im sure she gets up) is worth three and a half bills?


i feel you 50 and bert…..i personally dont get it. if im going to a concert, im going to see a show….sitting on a stool and singing isnt a show, its youre fucking cd. and i can get that free. so ill pass on that shit.  

anyways this is my favorite song off the shit, its pretty good, but in all honest im waitin for deadmau5 or dj humz to remix this motherfucker into a skinnny tie classic….

Dom Kennedy – Go Head (A Champions Theme)

thecensus never takes an "L"

To show love to one of the realest fantasy football players to ever do it (me), i had to post this classic dom track. Off that FutureStreet/DrugSounds project.

A few things

-gatby- i told you to fuck with a winner….now look at you…..

-drewpee- “YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME……HELLO?!?!?!?!” – Herm Edwards …fuck being competetive, if youre a real nigga youll inspire the rookies and upset the vets….

-commish – it was a good run for you, but at the end of the day, i was clearly the best player in this shit, from week 1 to week 16 , 1st place & most points….

-pimp d – my fantasy football guru….niggas call the sports junkies or watch nfl countdown….i holla at this nigga…

– MCCXXIII-2 – shout out to one of the realest clubs ever….best happy hour of all time (anywhere) and ill fight any nigga that says different….i dedicate this one to you

hit the bungee to download my theme music….


Mac Miller – Senior Skip Day (Video)

this reminds me of the beginning of my friday night….and not in a good fucking way smh…..

this is clearly drewpee’s favorite artist, cuz it’s the only project he’s actually done a review for…smh, again….