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Kendrick Lamar Feat. The Game – The City (Video)

yea i know it SAYS that its game’s song, but kendricks last verse begs to differ …..lol

Game Feat. Tyler The Creator X Lil’ Wayne – Martians Vs. Goblins (Video)

this video is kinda triply too….but wayne doesn’t feel its necessary to show up to the shoot (i wouldn’t either) of game the red album

Kendrick Lamar Feat. The Game – The City (Prod. Cool and Dre)

so when i posted the game album the other day, i put up a spot in p tone’s review of the album. this is the song he was talking about….yes i know in the title it says kendrick featuring the game, thats not a typo….thats because the way kendrick bodied this shit, game no longer has ownership of this record….if youre game , who in your camp thinks its a good idea to start the album off with some newbie destroying you ? shit, jay were in that situation, he’d do the smart thing, and just give the track away lol….he be like “nah kendrick you good, im just not feeliong it like that, its all yours” lol

boosh to download


Game Feat. Drake – Good Girl Gone Bad (Cool And Dre)

crazy thing is, this album might turn out to be alright….but isnt it kind of cheating when you dont have ONE track without some sort feature….i mean come on thats some producer/rapper shit…youre a rapper, thats embarrassing nigga….

hit the bungee to download…