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Drake – Worst Behavior (Video)


my favorite track off of NWTS gets some visuals…those wondering, that’s drakes pops in the beginning and 40 in that ovoxo owl mascot get up….also cameo’s from memphis greats juicy j and project pat

Remy Banks X Juice (Flatbush Zombies) X A$AP Ant – 3FLIPS6 (Video)


i have no idea who any of these niggas are, but they flip one of my favorite pat songs so it gets a post…beat kinda slaps

“See I gotta die man, don’t you even try man, enemies gon bleed once I let these bullets fly man
Mama gonna cry man, I like to get high man, niggaz passin plates snortin line afta line man”

Juicy J Feat. Project Pat X Alley Boy – I Don’t Play With Guns (Video)

this is that powerful music that uplifts the hood…….

yo french, this is that early 2000 pat spittin…

blue dream and lean coming soon

Juicy J Feat. Project Pat – Pills, Weed, Pussy (Video)

lets start this friday off right…..WE TRIPPY MANE!

Wiz Khalifa Feat. Chevy Woods – Taylor Gang (Video)

a couple things……

– im pretty sure that blanked out faced bitch is either that jay leno looking bitch,  that he used to fuck with (ms. khalifa would not like that)  or some chris hansen, underage to catch a predator/ mac miller video vixen preemie bitch (ms. khalifa would really not like that) ….either way, im feeling the stamp they put on that bitches face

– im mad snoop got wiz wearing weird ass hats now lol

– this song has grown on me exponentially (it seems like all lex luger joints do)

cabin fever>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>rolling papers

– thats wholelottaweed as pat would say

– “BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG ” shouts to ali gold

Project Pat Wedding Performance…..(Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available. 


Ooh Nuttin, North North, then Chicken Head?  NOW THATS A MOTHERFUCKING WEDDING lol

shouts to vic

Project Pat feat. Three Six Mafia – Break Da Law 2001

good ol' gold mouth

“i know this nigga who got punked out after every class
he was a bitch in school and now he tote a gun and badge
put on a uniform and now he think hes super bad
man fuck your vest you still can lay the rest under the grass
i do not give a fuck because you are a officer, ill put you in a cofin sir
you fuckin with a slaughterer….
the police dont serve protect……” – lord infamous

Shout out to FFX counties finest bitches.  im not saying i wish death on you (im a stand up guy)….but i do however, wish comma on you…..

Off of Project Pat’s instant classic Mista Don’t Play: Everythangs Workin’

*im telling you law school is the route, you can fight this for us….lol