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What Hot 97 wouldn’t let Nas do at 2002 Summer Jam (Video)


oh my, this would have been an extremely bad look for hov….

crossing the line? yes. would a weed carrier or two get shot, not doubting it….

great for hip hop…..shhhhhhh PROBABLY! LOL

with that being said….


Not to beat a dead horse but……


how does casey fucking veggies hear wtt before j.cole???????

Cole racking up L’s like he nas or something smh….

Charles Sheen is an AI fan….

Vodpod videos no longer available. 

Charlie is a fan of AI and well…that makes me a fan of his (pause)

shouts to ali gold for the find…

Swizz Beatz >>>>> Nas, Lyrically….

Nas Version

Swizzy Version

an unreleased version of the song “Top Down” off of Swizz’s One Man Band was released today. this version has three verses from nas and swizz on the hook…..if you compare the two versions, its not even close as to which one his better…..

here’s what swizz had to say about the song:

“The record was originally for Nas,” he explained. “I got Nas’ vocals already. But I can’t do Nas, and his energy is not right on there. It would be dead weight. No disrespect, but it can’t be dead weight if I can’t make it feel like reality. I need the sh– crazy. I need to shoot a video! It’s gotta be another ‘It’s Me B—hes,’ but bigger. I could easily pull a Nas card and have people be like, ‘Nas is spazzing on the verse.’ But it has to be a movie. I got it. It just gotta make sense. I can get Nas, [Jay-Z] and [Jadakiss] on that. I can do that. It’s light work, but it’s gotta make sense.”

Nas Lost…..

Jay-Z – Live Germany

Dude performed out in Germany (then hit the French Open the next day smh). Jay’s gotten to a point in his career where when he tours now, he can bang out a few album gems instead of just his “hits”. Good shit.

Dynasty Intro

Takeover (Bleek Intro & Hook)

A Dream (One Verse)

Hovi Baby (one of my top ten favorite Jay songs ever…yea, I did a list and this BARELY made the cut)

Hit the bungee for the track list and download.