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Pac Div – Gimmie What You Got

the div is clearly cooking something…..and its sounding more church league champs then mania (thats a good thing…..)

bungee to download…

Pac Div – Fallin’ (Video)

video for the andre 3k sampled cut off of mania! …..waiting for that major debut……

Pac Div – Anti Freeze (Video)

one of my favorite joints out right now….

Pac Div – Mania! (Mixtape)


the westcoast trio drops Mania! a few days late…..this is supposed to build up buzz for their debut album (cross your fingers gatsby….)…but so was Dont Mention It (which ended up being pretty lackluster and forgettable)

hosted by don cannon….guest spots from sir michael rocks, bj the chicago kid, and casey veggies

ali gold, this shit has the dirty version of “anti-freeze” so you can get the shit here….

hit the bungee for the tracklist and download….


Pac Div – Anti Freeze (Office Party Performance)

i posted this song a while back, but it didnt actually hit me till i saw this video…bangs….download the shit over hurrr.

Pac Div – Anti-Freeze

the cali underdogs drop something off their upcoming mixtape Mania…i love how this is edited, like itd ever get play in the club and or radio (just saying)….

Still no release for Grown Kid’s Syndrome…..gatsby you nervous yet?