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French Montana Feat. Diddy X MGK X Los X Red Café – Ocho Cinco (Video)

this is a jas favorite……sigh lol

French Montana Feat. Diddy X MGK X King Los X Red Cafe – Ocho Cinco (Video)

jazz loves this song……lol

is the intro track to this mixtape really a florence + the machine sample….sometimes i hate you hip hop lol


Diddy & Bad Boy 2.0 Takeover BET Hip Hop Awards (Video)

i know diddy’s under jimmy iovine’s empire and all, but bad boy 2.0? lol way to be original

mgk, fuck you


Machine Gun Kelly at Microsoft (Video)

“man fuck these computers”

lol this is funny as shit….but i gotta be real…i cant stand MGK….it has nothing to do with his music (its bleeeh), the guy is just a prik, and not on some dame dash prik, where he makes being an asshole look fun as hell, its on some “little brother annoy the fuck out of you by putting his finger in your face and saying ‘IM NOT TOUCHING YOU, IM NOT TOUCHING YOU IM NOT TOUCHING'” shit….

i really do hope his debut flops and i never have to hear from him again….sorry diddy, usually im pulling for you, but this kid has got to go…


shouts to bawse gellar

Mac Miller- First date with Rya Backer (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

ells, i know you hate mac miller but i HAD to post this for various reasons

1.  that jewish bitch is bad as hell, (kinda remind me of becca at modern without the gonzoesque nose )

2. theyre eating at katz delicatecant aka mexicans make the sandwiches, the asians handle the registers, the niggas are the bouncers and the jews are no where to be found (if you dont have your ticket, they not only will not let you out, but also  try to yolk you up)…shouts to canders, who was more than ready to throw down over a 10 dollar sandwich…

3. this kid mac miller’s debut album blue slide park  is being released on indie label rostrum records, and this shit already has 100K PREORDERS lol absurd…this kid has really tapped into that young as hell – 20 demographic….i dont like homies music, but every interview he comes off as a cool kid, unlike that mgk prik that diddy signed….everytime he opesn his mouth i wannaa choke him out

2011 BET Awards Cypher: Big K.R.I.T X MGK X Tech N9ne X B.O.B X Kendrick Lamar


this is the other cypher that was solid all the way through….i dont fuck with mgk’s music, but i was feeling his verse….it was nice to hear b.o.b spits some bars that didnt sound like bruno mars wrote it for him….

if youre interested in the other cyphers (dom’s in one, busta does his thing in another etc…) head over to 2dopeboyz….

bungee to download….