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Overdoz. X A$AP Rocky in the studio (Video)

im REALLY looking forward to hearing what  comes from this studio session….overdoz. dropped one of my to 5 albums last year live for, die for


Overdoz. – Come First (Video)

on some twilight shit…..and before you say anyhting toth.0, the last scene is from “dont be a menace to south central while drinking your juice in the hood” AND  i saw it only a few years after it came out.

this is still one of my favorite projects of the year…if you dont have it yet go pick it up HERE.

Overdoz. – Before We Go On (Video)

more visuals off that live for die for project……

Overdoz. – Pasadena (Video)

this shit is trippy as hell…….

Overdoz. Feat Skeme – I Don’t Want To Be Your Girlfriend…(Video)

“tell her to drive her ass over here…..all you gotta do is tell her, i want to see you tonight baby where you at come to me….and that bitch is HERE! COME ON BRO! come on, go on, go on, if you really wanna speak real, come on bro. you can tell that bitch COME TO ME RIGHT NOW and that bitch is here RIGHT NOW! man, dog for sure and you tell that bitch come to me right now and i need a dub or something or some money for kush and she gonna bring all dat shit!” – creamie

yea i know…youre like “damn this shit bangs….i should cop this mixtape like jakes been telling me for the last week and a half” ….do it here…..

Overdoz. Feat. Emon – You’re Blowin’ It (Video)

“i got some kuuuuuuuuuushhhhhhh” – creamie

first visuals from one of my favorite projects of the year live for die for….gatsby certified, thecensus approved and a drewpee cosign….go fucking download this shit asapalapagus….

oh yea this is nsfw……

Overdoz. – Live For Die For (Mixtape)

gatsby’s been getting at me for a while now to listen to this mixtape these cats from cali dropped in feb. i finally got around to listening to it last week and this shit is very well done…..probably the best shit ive heard in ’11 outside of dom’s tape….different shit, kinda reminds me of a westcoast goodie mob / outkast….

guest spots from casey veggies (bang!), kendrick lamar (bang!) , c-san (bang!), dom kennedy (bang!) and more…..

this has gatsby’s “OH YES I WILL” stamp of approval , and if that isn’t enough to get you to download this, then theres no help for you….

oh yea…..i say this shit all the time but right now westcoast>>>>>>

hit the boosh for the tracklist and download…..