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Curren$y Feat. Juvenile – Bitch Get Up (Video)

my neck game be moonwalkin’…..wrist game be bus stoppin’…..earings be two steppin’….teeth game be pussy poppin’

that short haired blonde bitch looks like hardcore lil kim …..yes please

French Montana Feat. Nicki Minaj – Freaks (Video)


unless you want your ears to bleed youre gonna need to mute this….does minaj look  a tad bit like lil kim?

R2WW – Capone N Noreaga Feat. Foxy Brown – Bang Bang

remember back before beef was actually personal and not a calculated promotion scheme? and when someone would drop a non subliminal diss track itd have the streets (or suburbs) buzzing? this was one of those times,…. foxy took direct aim at lil kim on this one, and held no punches….off one of my personal favorite albums of all time the reunion (which has one of my favorite preemo beats and also the funniest skits, shouts to frank grimes, thugged out militainment and being straight slime)

shouts to being in middle school and having a lil kim “hardcore” poster on one side of your room and a foxy brown “ill na na” poster on the other lol

only gatsby…..

R2WW to download…..