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Wale X J. Cole – Winter Schemes (Prod. Jake One)




yea this is old as fuck….but ive pretty much taken a month off from this shit and im trying to catch up the best way i can….

Wale Feat. Rick Ross X Lupe Fiasco – Poor Decisions (Prod. Jake One)



ok im back……sort of…..i murdered my macbook a coupel weeks ago….which is why theres been a drop off in post….my bad….no excuses, but still my bad….imma try to catch up on some stuff i missed as well as keep shit current for yall


heres a jake one produced track of the upcoming self made 3 mmg album…..featuring lupe, who is retired???????

Chance The Rapper – Acid Rap (Mixtape)


up and coming artist chance the rapper from chitown (i know, doesnt sound like the shit thats been coming out of there lately)……drops the highly anticipated acid rap

features from a whole bunch of niggas…..enjoy….download at the bottom…

download here

J. Cole – Truly Yours 2 (EP)


alright…..i know what youre saying, the first one was a super snooze fest…..well the opening track alone “cole summer” is worth the price of admission here…

“throwin thousands in the strip club with drizzy, difference is I’m throwing four and he’s throwing fifty…”


“up in hova’s office, like he’s the fucking principal…put me in with stargate, that shit was like detention now…..”


shouts to bawse gellar for giving me the heads up on actually giving this shit a chance….im fucking with it heavy

im not gonna say it outloud cuz i dont wanna jinx the homie, but i think this sophomore effort might be what the freshman effort shoul…………..


Pusha T – Wrath of Caine (Mixtape)

> Pusha T - Wrath Of Caine (2013) - Photo posted in New Album/Mixtape Ratings and Reviews | Sign in and leave a comment below!

pusha ton drops his highly anticipated mix tape, before his g.o.o.d music debut, my name is my name…..features from rozay, wale, montana and more….


Nickelus F Feat. Drake – Number 15 (Prod. Jake One)



puffin sheesha…laid back…fuckin fifa………..

remember this…….

whole lotta toronto on this one….

Wale – Folarin (Mixtape)

here it is…..hit the bungee for track list and download


Wiz Khalifa – The Grinder (Video)

off one of my faovrite projects of the year taylor allderdice….jake one on the boards….

lol juicy stay turnt the fuck up

Wiz Khalifa – Taylor Allderdice (Mixtape)

after commercial success, wiz goes back to the shit that got him famous as fuck in the first place (as he promised he would here)

features from the whole taylor gang as well as his favorite pitt producers…this shit has some bangers on it…

hit the bungee for the tracklist and download