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Allen Iverson to police: ‘Do you know who I am?

Atlanta (CNN) — Former NBA star Allen Iverson launched an expletive-ridden tirade against police when a car belonging to him was pulled over for a traffic violation last week……..

“Take the vehicle, I have 10 more,” Iverson said, according to the report. “Police don’t have anything else (expletive) to do except (expletive) with me.” He then asked, “Do you know who I am?”

lol usually i dont post shit about the train wreck that is allen iverson, because, well it’s some pretty sad shit, but i couldnt ignore this one, even if he is my favorite player of all time…

– his disdain for police equals mine and i can respect that ……

– saying “do you know who i am?!!?!?!” never seems to end well does it lol

Here’s the rest of the story here.

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Rick Ross – Money Maker (Video)

“FUCK THA JUDGE, PROSECUTOR,…..FUCK THA JUDGE, PROSECUTOR….FUCK THA JUDGE! FUCK THE JUDGE….fuck the judge, prosecutor and the district attorney….”

I feel you rozay, i feel you.

the first 30 seconds or so of this song pretty much sum up how my day in court went today….i was sentenced to 5 months in jail suspended license  for shanking mad niggas cuz they looked at me funny getting too many speeding tickets. bullshit i know….

Project Pat feat. Three Six Mafia – Break Da Law 2001

good ol' gold mouth

“i know this nigga who got punked out after every class
he was a bitch in school and now he tote a gun and badge
put on a uniform and now he think hes super bad
man fuck your vest you still can lay the rest under the grass
i do not give a fuck because you are a officer, ill put you in a cofin sir
you fuckin with a slaughterer….
the police dont serve protect……” – lord infamous

Shout out to FFX counties finest bitches.  im not saying i wish death on you (im a stand up guy)….but i do however, wish comma on you…..

Off of Project Pat’s instant classic Mista Don’t Play: Everythangs Workin’

*im telling you law school is the route, you can fight this for us….lol

Curren$y Speaks on “Huey Newton”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

…….and we aren’t cutting our hair….

Curren$y speaks on the title of “Huey Newton”


Wiz Khalifa Arrested in North Carolina

We all saw this coming right? We all know what he was arrested for as well. #freewiz is however the number one trending topic on twitter. Still dont understand twitter lingo but I’m guessing he’s kind of a big deal….

Man punches cop, then bites dog……

Vodpod videos no longer available.

We need more citizens like this guy…..