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R2WW – Capone N Noreaga Feat. Foxy Brown – Bang Bang

remember back before beef was actually personal and not a calculated promotion scheme? and when someone would drop a non subliminal diss track itd have the streets (or suburbs) buzzing? this was one of those times,…. foxy took direct aim at lil kim on this one, and held no punches….off one of my personal favorite albums of all time the reunion (which has one of my favorite preemo beats and also the funniest skits, shouts to frank grimes, thugged out militainment and being straight slime)

shouts to being in middle school and having a lil kim “hardcore” poster on one side of your room and a foxy brown “ill na na” poster on the other lol

only gatsby…..

R2WW to download…..


CNN thanks the Based god lol (Video)

ok first off how the fuck does this bitch at 103 still have a license, but they take mine away for going over the speed limit slightly  lol…officer frank grimes fuck you!

shouts to gatsby and coatsville whaaaaaatt?

but, awww man not that wonton soup though?

those who have no idea what im talking about  here’s the video lol

CNN: Black Thanksgiving aka NBA All Star Weekend

> CNN calls NBA all star weekend "Black Thanksgiving" - Photo posted in BX SportsCenter | Sign in and leave a comment below!


lol…….but are they wrong? ……i think not….

id expect this from papa bear o’reilly over at fox news but not CNN.

Allen Iverson – “The Answer”

Problem: I stole this highlight mix from some dude named wetunga. The highlights are great but the music doesn’t quite fit in my book.

Solution: Put the youtube shit on mute and enjoy that CNN “Invincible” instead….When the songs over just press play again….

This will be the first NBA season since 1995 that the Allen Iverson will not be on a NBA roster. He was always one to electrify fans, defy odds, terrorize defenders and coaches (sometimes his own). Love him or hate him you can’t deny his heart and his ability to score.

G’town great, Sixer legend, NBA MVP and pound for pound the greatest scorer ever…..

You won’t find a bigger AI fan on the planet (seriously try and find one, it’s not possible), but when no team picked him up, I couldn’t have been anymore happier. His legacy has been taking serious hits the past couple of years….

Shouts to the commish..