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French Montana Feat. Nicki Minaj – Freaks (Video)


unless you want your ears to bleed youre gonna need to mute this….does minaj look  a tad bit like lil kim?

Snoop Dogg “GGN” S5 EP #1 (Pac Div)

mibbs does an ill ass snoop dogg source awards impression

watch till the end….its worth it

Lil’ Poopy – Pop That (Remix) [Coke Ain’t A Bad Word]


couple questions

1. why is this the number one downloaded artist today on datpiff?

2. why are his basketball references so good

3. why is he in the front seat of a car when hes at least 9 years away from being able to legally drive one

4. whose idea was it to name him poopy?

5. who is that grown ass man with him in the video? how much would you have to be paid to be an 8 year olds hypeman/weed carrier?

6. coke aint a bad word is the name of your mixtape???

7. what are the chances that poopy writes his own rhymes??? (0%? -50%?)

8. what are the chances that poopy writes mgk’s rhymes? (100%? 350%????)

9. why is he signed to bad boy???

10. ?????????

Miguel Feat. Diddy X French Montana – Adorn (Ted Smooth Remix)



shouts to ells for this one…

Nipsey Hussle – Tell Me What You Want (Freestyle)

victory lap  drops this december,……yes thats that ma$e and total throwback he’s spitting over….

Juicy J – Can’t Stop Me (Prod. Crazy Mike)

well this slaps doesnt it?….a little “who shot ya” for you old heads (us…smh)….

bungee to download….


French Montana Fea.t Rick Ross X Drake Lil’ Wayne – Pop That (Video)

they made a hookah out of a moet bottle….yall win…..

is anyone else surprised as fuck that diddy wasnt at this shoot spraying bitches with champagne?

drake kinda murders his verse