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Vince Young has spent ALL of his 26 mill, and is broke…. (Audio)


of course this is a sad ass story, but its also funny as hell for various reasons…

-why are they spending so much money at places like dave and busters t.g.i. fridays and cheescake factory?

-why does lendale love wings and patron SO MUCH?

-why am i not surprised pacman jones was in some of these stories

– why is vince drinking a fru fru ass drink called a “melon drop”





shouts to outkickthecoverage.com

Dallas Cowboys look pathetic vs the Seahawks (Video)



This is SportsCenter – John Clayton (Video)


cant wait for sunday…..

Tim Tebow…..it ends…(Video)

what many could only describe as a religious crusade (no jihad), has FINALLY come to an end……unfortunately cbs has asked for him to come on as a guest analyst for the afc championship game.


i know floyd…..i know…..

Michael Irvin sounds off…



cocaine is helluva drug mayne…lol gatsby, get your boy

John Wall Abusing Niggas (Video)

best athletes of the world craig…..THE WORLD CRAIG !!!!

so espn is doing the 5 on 5 thing where they rank the top five nba players by position…..but the shit requires a fucking insider account….if anyone is willing to let me log into their shit, or just give me the list itself, ill do a little indepth analysis on why they’re wrong and im right…..

i know i know football is back…blah blah blah….but with my raiders being the number one team over the salary cap AND them losing the best corner in the game (yea i said it) theres not much for me to talk about….shit,  i was almost hoping for a lockout (ok thats a lie….how else would i murk yall clowns in fantasy if there wasnt a season?)

Greg Jennings – A Few Good Packers (Video)

lol this nigga nails this (pause)

Greg Jennings talks about being Youtube sensation….

lol good shit…

Big Ben gets a taste of his own medicine…..(PAUSE)


Mendenhall, nigga youre def a champion (fantasy football) in my book, but that was uncalled for lol…..

Consequence – J.E.T.S. (New York Version)

even the jets impressive win last weekend cant stop fans from brown bagging it after hearing this abortion....

be careful what you wish for drewpee, you just might get it! lol. im pretty sure when you were calling for  a Jets anthem, this wasnt what you meant.

my goodness this is so sooo soooooo bad lol. and its not just bad, its also gay.

even two hardcore steelers fans make the jets look better than this shit....

there will be no bungee to download because i am not gonna be personally responsible for anyone having this shit take up space on their hard drive….

Al Davis is allowed to curse because he’s old and senile….

im pretty sure tom cable beat al’s ass after he found out he was firing him…..

Nnamdi Asomugha, he ain’t gone…..yet

Vodpod videos no longer available.

He’s saying all the right things….but it looks like this guy is pretty much a goner. Yea al does love corners, and will even over pay for them, (see dante hall), but i think he’s either gonna be a packer (not fucking fair) or a jet (not fucking fair either) next year. either way he’s gonna be the top cover corner in the league and highest paid (he should be).


Green Bay V. Philly NFC Wild Card (Highlights)

Eagles Trophy Case.....FAIL

 this was a pretty awful weekend for me sports wise. a g-town loss, celtics loss, asomugha becoming an unrestricted free agent do to some crazy clause in his contract, and vyi takes their first L of the season.  i did however pick up one win. the eagles lost to the packers in the nfc wild card game. a couple things ….

– name me how many black qb’s are left in the playoffs ? (rhymes with hero)

– there is no other fan base more annoying than the eagles. they talk a whole bunch of shit, like theyve ever done anything worth while . name me how many super bowls yall clowns have won ? (rhymes with hero). to put it into perspective, youve won as many super bowls as the bengals, lions and browns….. – did however pick up one win. the eagles lost to the packers in the nfc wild card game. a couple things

– Jigga is a packers fan!      


Al Davis fires Tom Cable

Ah, well. It was fun while it lasted. He led the Raiders to an 8-8 record ( i predicted 8-8, father jakes predicted 9-7), which is impressive given that they hadnt won more than 5 games since 2003. on top of that, he beat assistant coaches and women (sounds like a keeper to me). I feel his undoing, was Al Davis’ unwillingness to pay a coach what he deserves  and his 2-8 record outside the division.   the craziest thing about this, is that this is the 5th coach in raiders franchise history to finish the season with a .500 record or better and not return the next year.

I can see it now,  jason campbell over/under throwing receivers by three yards, and constantly hitting his own offensive linemen in the back of the head with passes. then the media comes to his defense with the  “this is his _ system in _ years!!!! give him a break.”  line they always use with his incompetent ass…fucking bullshit…

I aint gonna lie though, when i heard the news i was like…..

DrewP’s Play of the Week

A new segment that will be added weekly (most likely just this week)

The skins could have used this kind of trickery (fuckery) last night….either way, shits hilarious.

Fat Albert Earns his $$$$$$

albert takes a break

There really is no explanation needed lol…ells proceeded to ask “for the motherfucking check” immediately after this happened….

In related “we should have never gave you niggas money” news Jamarcus Russel tried out for the Dolphins the other day. Does Jamarcus really need to be in miami so he can where his coogi sweaters to wet willies? yea, exactly…..

A Real Life “Greg Jennings” Moment


:40 seconds and on…..is literally Greg Jennings’ Madden Performance reincarnated.

Only thing that’s missing is Darren Sharpahh.

Eagles Celebration…..

I aint a philly fan but this is great stuff…. this the type of shit makes you wish you played sports again (2002 @ Maret comes to mind)….

The Big Comeback…..

So Shanny, let me get this straight. You’re going to bench McNabb in favor of Rex “I’m a poor mans version of jay cutty” Grossman because he doesn’t have the “cardiovascular endurance” needed to run the two minute offense, but then work out Jamarcus Russel? Something’s not adding up…

shouts to B for the exclusive..

Greg Jennings = MVP w/ a limp

T Jakes, I know you hate Madden, and I’ll admit, the shit is pretty awful, but this shit right here? This shit right here?????

Hilarious lol. Lisp and all.

“Let me go into the mind of Greg Jennings…put the TEAM ON MY BACK!”

Awwwww man this shit is superb.


Giants Fans are Bitchmade

Wow……Sup fred!

Raiders Win….Kid Hates Football

Damn. He should just do like gatbsy did back when the cowboys lost in the ’95 NFC championship game to the 49ers and  just pick a new favorite team? (noshots!)

I’m not saying this is how some of the fantasy niggas have been acting since I’ve started 5-0, but well, there’s been alot of complaining and accusations.

We Thought You Were Smarter


I’m pissed. Randy Moss has been traded to the Vikings for a third round pick. This wouldn’t usually bother me. If a team wants to be stupid and underestimate the value of one of their players and give them up for peanuts? That’s cool. But this hurts. This hurts my fantasy team. And for that I’m saying fuck you New England. I am the (once) proud owner of Wes Welker aka “The Most Overrated Player in the NFL”.  Now people may ask why do you think he’s overrated?


Breaking News…Ron Burgundy Style

Fred’s back with some sports banter….ells youre gonna love this. gatsby? not so much.

Yes, I find myself feeling very much like Ron Burgundy this morning. Because I was, literally, just woken up by a startling revelation…

Dallas Cowboys fans are the most annoying motherfuckers in sports today.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

“Hold on a minute. We all know that Philadelphia fans (of all sports) are the biggest pieces of shit.”

See you’d think that, but here’s why Cowboys fans are even worse…