"I hate when work gets in the way of my blogging"


Vince Young has spent ALL of his 26 mill, and is broke…. (Audio)


of course this is a sad ass story, but its also funny as hell for various reasons…

-why are they spending so much money at places like dave and busters t.g.i. fridays and cheescake factory?

-why does lendale love wings and patron SO MUCH?

-why am i not surprised pacman jones was in some of these stories

– why is vince drinking a fru fru ass drink called a “melon drop”





shouts to outkickthecoverage.com

Dallas Cowboys look pathetic vs the Seahawks (Video)



This is SportsCenter – John Clayton (Video)


cant wait for sunday…..

Tim Tebow…..it ends…(Video)

what many could only describe as a religious crusade (no jihad), has FINALLY come to an end……unfortunately cbs has asked for him to come on as a guest analyst for the afc championship game.


i know floyd…..i know…..

Michael Irvin sounds off…



cocaine is helluva drug mayne…lol gatsby, get your boy

John Wall Abusing Niggas (Video)

best athletes of the world craig…..THE WORLD CRAIG !!!!

so espn is doing the 5 on 5 thing where they rank the top five nba players by position…..but the shit requires a fucking insider account….if anyone is willing to let me log into their shit, or just give me the list itself, ill do a little indepth analysis on why they’re wrong and im right…..

i know i know football is back…blah blah blah….but with my raiders being the number one team over the salary cap AND them losing the best corner in the game (yea i said it) theres not much for me to talk about….shit,  i was almost hoping for a lockout (ok thats a lie….how else would i murk yall clowns in fantasy if there wasnt a season?)

Greg Jennings – A Few Good Packers (Video)

lol this nigga nails this (pause)