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Lil Wayne Hates NYC: Birdman Responds – NY Senator Demands Apology (Video)


lol is this real life?

Max B’s Appeal Denied…..


my favorite mixtape rapper of all time (and one of nam’s friends lol)  just had his appeal denied, he will be behind bars till 2042…..as drewpee said “by then, i’ll be on a beach retired somewhere, and jakes? well, youll be dead”

those that dont know, max b is, was a hook genius, who wrote “we fly high” for jim jones as well as many other songs and hooks, gave french montana the co sign he needed to become relevant in the streets and released one of my favorite mixtapes of all time public domain 2: rise of the silver surfer

the game will miss you….


XXL Abortion List 2012

im not even gonna lie my first reaction went something like this…..




and then finally….

hit the bungee for the what the list should have looked like …

Drake and Common get back together (Video)

yea yea yea i can hear them now “nan nigga, thats not hip hop!”

Why Kanye Hates People

so yeezy showed up to occupy wall street with uncle russ (russ also issued a statement, check it here) to take in the movement (or non movement, depending on who you ask)….he didnt say much,  probably to avoid the guaranteed twisting of words and intense media scrutiny he would get if he did open his mouth (russ actually speaks for him lol)….but of course the public has to turn it into a “kanye is a selfish douchebag” situation lol…..twitter exploded with hateful tweets like “kanye you are the 1%, beat it” , “kanye , youre a media whore” etc…. they even hate on what he’s wearing (a flannel and jeans….really people?) ….. when he goes on rants in the middle of his shows (like these), or spits fucktheworld lyrics (like he did for alot of MDTBF) hes talking about/to YOU….

Dom Kennedy X Andy Milanokis On Snoop’s Double G Network Show

lol this shit is so bizarre, from andy milonakis to dom kennedy performing “grind’n” behind a green screen

TheCensus Daily Links Update

Brooklyn’s Finest: Jay-Z’s Role With The Nets Is A Very Active One

Ive been bullshitting with my daily links lately but there hasnt been much newsworthy shit for me to link….

heres a few articles that were sent my way or i stumbled upon:

How These Two White Guys Wound Up In This Kendrick Perkins Family Photo (thanks humz)

Max B. Says He Could Be Home As Early As Summer


The Tens: 10 Non Hip-Hop Acts To Watch In 2011 (The Weeknd makes the list)

hit the boosh for a couple more links…..