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Lil Wayne Hates NYC: Birdman Responds – NY Senator Demands Apology (Video)


lol is this real life?

Max B’s Appeal Denied…..


my favorite mixtape rapper of all time (and one of nam’s friends lol)  just had his appeal denied, he will be behind bars till 2042…..as drewpee said “by then, i’ll be on a beach retired somewhere, and jakes? well, youll be dead”

those that dont know, max b is, was a hook genius, who wrote “we fly high” for jim jones as well as many other songs and hooks, gave french montana the co sign he needed to become relevant in the streets and released one of my favorite mixtapes of all time public domain 2: rise of the silver surfer

the game will miss you….


XXL Abortion List 2012

im not even gonna lie my first reaction went something like this…..




and then finally….

hit the bungee for the what the list should have looked like …

Drake and Common get back together (Video)

yea yea yea i can hear them now “nan nigga, thats not hip hop!”

Why Kanye Hates People

so yeezy showed up to occupy wall street with uncle russ (russ also issued a statement, check it here) to take in the movement (or non movement, depending on who you ask)….he didnt say much,  probably to avoid the guaranteed twisting of words and intense media scrutiny he would get if he did open his mouth (russ actually speaks for him lol)….but of course the public has to turn it into a “kanye is a selfish douchebag” situation lol…..twitter exploded with hateful tweets like “kanye you are the 1%, beat it” , “kanye , youre a media whore” etc…. they even hate on what he’s wearing (a flannel and jeans….really people?) ….. when he goes on rants in the middle of his shows (like these), or spits fucktheworld lyrics (like he did for alot of MDTBF) hes talking about/to YOU….

Dom Kennedy X Andy Milanokis On Snoop’s Double G Network Show

lol this shit is so bizarre, from andy milonakis to dom kennedy performing “grind’n” behind a green screen

TheCensus Daily Links Update

Brooklyn’s Finest: Jay-Z’s Role With The Nets Is A Very Active One

Ive been bullshitting with my daily links lately but there hasnt been much newsworthy shit for me to link….

heres a few articles that were sent my way or i stumbled upon:

How These Two White Guys Wound Up In This Kendrick Perkins Family Photo (thanks humz)

Max B. Says He Could Be Home As Early As Summer


The Tens: 10 Non Hip-Hop Acts To Watch In 2011 (The Weeknd makes the list)

hit the boosh for a couple more links…..


Police: Former NBA Player Oliver Miller Arrested For Attacking Man With Handgun

“Oliver Miller, 41, of Edgewater, was arrested after police were called out to a barbecue in Arnold, Md., for a report of an assault with a handgun, police said…..”

But did it really need to be at a BBQ? lol…..everyone knows the scenario here…someone takes the last of the ribs, oliver being the man that he is, is outraged and pistol whips the man lol…..

shout out to coach winthrop palmer and his infamous question…”WHOSE YOUR FAVORITE BASKETBALL PLAYER?!?!!”

our answer?


Allen Iverson to police: ‘Do you know who I am?

Atlanta (CNN) — Former NBA star Allen Iverson launched an expletive-ridden tirade against police when a car belonging to him was pulled over for a traffic violation last week……..

“Take the vehicle, I have 10 more,” Iverson said, according to the report. “Police don’t have anything else (expletive) to do except (expletive) with me.” He then asked, “Do you know who I am?”

lol usually i dont post shit about the train wreck that is allen iverson, because, well it’s some pretty sad shit, but i couldnt ignore this one, even if he is my favorite player of all time…

– his disdain for police equals mine and i can respect that ……

– saying “do you know who i am?!!?!?!” never seems to end well does it lol

Here’s the rest of the story here.

> Allen Iverson to police: 'Do you know who I am? - Photo posted in BX SportsCenter | Sign in and leave a comment below!

Rolling Papers projected to sell 190-210 first week….


goodness make a nigga wanna sing a horrible song......"i roll up....i roll up....shorty when i roll up" lol..

“The projections are in. Wiz Khalifa’s major label debut, Rolling Papers, is reportedly on track to sell around 190,00 to 210,000 copies come next week.

According to the one-day sales estimates by the industry insiders at hitsdailydouble.com, the 2010 XXL Freshman will pick up the No. 2 spot on the Billboard Top 200 albums charts. Pop queen Britney Spears on her way to earning the No. 1 seat. “- XXL

look, ill be the first to say that rolling papers  was a huge dissapointment and absolute garbage….but ill also say, he knew what the fuck he was doing with all that poppy bullshit he was releasing….and anyone yamming out that bitch above is gonna get little to no hate from me…..congrats wiz

hit the bungee for more pics of ms. khalifa….


Canadian reporter cant read…..

lol awww man….for those scoring at home, that was:

Now defence minister McCain, Mcloud did confirm today that more than sifty four 18 figther jets are spending about as much as 20 and ready to assist the 600, 100 deployed over the amount needed, now it didn’t depend that how the Nolan re-emerges are and while the university or the UN mer mission as whore received support from all patteries in the hues of the gardens of today. Excuse me, I’ll hand it back to you.

shout out to the bitch mark passed it back to, she is the ULTIMATE professional, how she didnt even crack a smile is beyond me lol

Introducing, the “Rent is to damn high party”

Them tea party bitches aint got shit on this……

Shots to humpdawg

T.I. Talks Suicidal Man Off Ledge

if it was me i woulda told the diva fucker to take the jump….you dont wanna be here no more then off yourself nigga…Don’t think T.I.P aint tryna to get brownie points with the Alphabet boys for his “heroic” acts though. He’s facing up to 14 month’s in jail for his last fuck boy offense with his gawd awful wife Tiny.

Fast Food Wars Continue

I thought KFC’s double down may have shut down the industry…but boy, was I wrong…this shit is pretty disgusting and impressingly cheesey.  Check the link out for more on this heart stopping treat (nullus)

Denny’s Fried Cheese Melt


Friendly’s still wins

Magnum T.I.

This goes kinda hard…..click here for the original.

The Greater Than Club Vol. 5 – Weatherman Edition

What can I say he spits hot fire……

spotted @ 2dopeboyz