"I hate when work gets in the way of my blogging"

Wale Feat. Lightshow – Georgetown Press (Prod. Applejuice Kid)

Georgetown was very symbolic and very connected. Not just to “Black D.C.” but to “Black America”. They were kind of “Black America’s” basketball team for a lot, a lot of people.

probably my favorite track off folarin, is “georgetown press” (for obvious reasons)

the first verse only had one g town reference, but the next two verses were filled with hoya name dropping….love it

AI had a couple…

Still I show up to practice, I can’t end up A.I.

All my youngins put up numbers just like Bubbachuck in kente

Ewing of course (shouts to gold)

Lil nigga, but I’m Patrick Ewing on these blocks

Dikembe (who is now saving the world)

My mac cold like Dikembe nigga, who need Glocks


Kevin Braswell (another shout out to gold)

But LA like Kevin Braswell with these rock, 600 plus assists

Victor Page (story still break a niggas hoart)

And there is no I in team, but can you read the eye on Vic’s Page

Preseason Big East Player of the year – Otto Porter

Otto Porter with all the water servin’ the corners

Alonzo Mourning

Rayful callin’ up ‘Zo Mourning before the tourney



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