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L.E.$ – The Struggle Continues (Mixtape)

the follow up to my favorite l.e.$ mixtape the beautiful struggle dropped this weekend…..production from the usual suspects (stunt n dozier dsf mr. rogers etc…..)…lets see if this lives up to the first one

bungee for track list and download

01. Settle 4 Le$ [Prod. By Stunt N Dozier]
02. One Life (feat. Ashley De Che) [Prod. By Ric & Thadeus]
03. 100 MPH [Prod. By J. Jones]
04. Hindsight (feat. Easy Lee, Rob Bass & Worldwide) [Prod. By VIP Music Group]
05. Sucka Free [Prod. By DSF]
06. Reign Part 2 [Prod. By DSF]
07. Cadillac Dreams [Prod. By J. Jones]
08. Steak N Shrimp [Prod. By Mr. Rogers]
09. Mobb Shit [Prod. By Stunt N Dozier]
10. I’m The Shit (feat. Gangsta Boo) [Prod. By DSF]
11. Real Nigga Flow / 98 Shit [Prod. By Ric & Thadeus]
12. Meditation [Prod. By Mr. Rogers]
13. Road [Prod. By Mr. Rogers]
14. Backseat [Prod. By June James]
15. Young Trill Nigga (feat. Mookie Jones & Delorean) [Prod. By Mr. Rogers]
16. Never Love Em (feat. Slim Thug) [Prod. By Mr. Rogers]
17. Pray For Me [Prod. By J. Jones]
18. Head In The Clouds (feat. Jack Freeman) [Prod. By Ric & Thadeus]


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