"I hate when work gets in the way of my blogging"

Lil’ B – Warm Ups (Video)


so lil b and kevidn durant have been going back and forth on twitter (and by back and forth i mean, kd simply replied “yo shut up” and thats all thats been said on his end) ….apparently has been begging kevin durant to play him one on one and saying that he’s the best pg  on the west coast (yes i know…lol…..i know)
i dont know how it started, but this is one of the tweets that lil b threw up


@ ” wow special lil b cross over move! very rare! you must play him to see!”

@ “LIL B IS THE CHAMP! if you think you can beat him in basketball challenge him!@lilbbasedgod he is one of the top pg’s on the westcoast”

@ SIGNATURE LIL B BASED LAYUP! this is very rare, colleect this!”


here’s the official artwork for lil b’s upcoming project….



seriously….this cant be life lol…shouts to boxden for the pics….

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