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My thoughts on Ray

there were alot of rumors going on about ray and why he made his decision to go to the miami heat…i held back on reacting to them until i heard it from the guy himself…well, he finally came out and spoke on some of those things…..ray being the professional he is sugar coats alot of shit, but i think everyone hears him loud and clear….i give my thoughts on each answer given

hit the judas for the interview and commentary

 On not feeling urgency from the Celtics:

To a small extent, yeah. When Kevin signed I was excited for him. He signed a three-year deal and I expected to be somewhere along the same (length). Then they went in another direction and started to sign their other free agents. In a free agency period, I’m looking at Miami and they’re so excited to have me come here and have an opportunity, and I didn’t sense the same excitement coming from that side of the equation.

thecensus says: 

 first the kg comment: in what league does an aging veteran, who underperformed, and could barely play half the season due to injury, get the same contract as a big man (yes aging as well)who overperformed and was arguably the best pf in the playoffs last season? (answer? NO LEAGUE) you play well in a contract year, you get paid for it. thats how it works ray, and you know it and lets not act like offering you 12 mill was a slight, because it was more than the market would offer you….

on going after other free agents: well ray, i’ll admit, they got the kg deal done quickly, but before free agency even started the c’s made it very clear (publicly, doc and danny) that they wanted you back and offered you a deal way before bass, green or terry…dont lie homie….

On not wanting to answer questions about his issues with Rajon Rondo :

It’s not that I didn’t want to answer it, but I’m here as part of something that’s good moving forward. I can’t say it was an issue for me in this free agency. I wanted to make a decision that was going to keep me happy. I wouldn’t put it on one person.

thecensus says: that rondo jealousy shit was real? damn you lookin kinda bitch made there…

On being overlooked because he was always the good soldier:

There’s some truth to that. Sometimes it’s my own fault. Sometimes you have to step out and clear your own path and let it be known a little more. But I acquiesced so much, that at some point they said, ‘Ray will be all right. He’ll get his touches, or he’ll figure it out, we don’t have to worry about him,’ and at some point it was to my own detriment because at some point I didn’t create enough of a wave to let them know you have to speak for yourself.

thecensus says: not sure how the guy was overlooked but i’ll entertain it and speculate on some possible reasons he felt this way

contract? – they were willing to overpay for you! lol NEXT!

shots? – average shots per game in 2012: paul 15, kg 12 ray 10. and this is in a year where you were playing injured for more than half the season….you want 1 more shot? 2 more shots a game? come on man. NEXT!

not starting? – they moved you to the bench so you could get MORE shots and you know this…the bench was statistically the second worst in the leauge, this was to help the second unit and get you more shots in the process…..plus, you were ALWAYS on the floor at the end of the game…NEEEEEXT!

being in trade talks the last 2 years? – paul pierce was in trade talks last year and also the year before the big three came together. rondo has been in trade talks the last THREE years. the only reason kg wasnt involved in trade talks, was because no GM in their right minde (not even the wizards front office) would be willing to take a risk on that imovable salary coupled with his prior knee issues. bottom line, this is what danny does to EVERYONE. again, you kind of look like a bitch here. but even if that was an issue, danny threw in a no trade clause ontop of the overpaying contract they offered just to give you the “security” you needed.

thats 0/4 …..we’re done here

On whether he now sees the Celtics as a rival:

No, forever I will always be a Celtic, no matter what. I saw Big Baby down here during the playoffs and I look on him as a brother. We played against Perk during the year. It doesn’t change. (James) Posey came into the locker room after we lost Game 7 (of the Eastern Conference finals) here, and he’s forever a Celtic. Eddie House came into the locker room every time we played against him. In my mind it doesn’t change. No matter what people say about me, in my mentality I’m always going to stay true to the fans of Boston, because they’ve been great to me, my family, and I will always consider that place home.”

thecensus says: lets go down the list of players ray mentioned

big baby – signed for more $$$ in a sign and trade

perk – traded

posey – signed for more $$$

eddie house – traded

tony allen – signed for more $$$

ray – signed for less money with a team that the c’s directly compete with

see the difference? lol

On his love for the fans, and his anticipation of how they will treat him next year:

“Typically, my response even before I think about theirs is looking forward to being back in the building. The Epsteins sitting by the bench. Seeing Mike Rotondi in the building. Boston has so many great fans who were pivotal in being part of home court advantage, that that’s what I look forward to. People, if they don’t like me, doesn’t change who I am. My character isn’t going to change. I’m the same person. It’s unfortunate, but I can’t do anything about it.”

thecensus says: i appreciate what you did for the franchise, you helped a nigga like myself see the mountain top….

that being said…. you gonna get booed nigga, plain and simple….and i dont usually back bitch ass boston fans, but this time its justifiable


Full Boston Herald Article Here

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