"I hate when work gets in the way of my blogging"

Chief Keef Feat. Lil Reese – Don’t Like (Video)

alright i know what youre saying..

1. who the fuck is cheif keef

2. why the hell are you posting this nigga

3. umm….WHO?

alright first off, cheif keef is this teen something hood nigga from the murder capital of the states, chicago…he is NOT lyrical at all…think of waka flocka over bootleg lex luger (no disrespect young chop) beats….but hes been getting alot of buzz lately with his “shoot em up bang bang….then shoot em up again” songs

im not gonna lie, ive been playing this shit for a couple weeks on the low (im kind of embarrassed that i enjoy this shit so much lol) but

the reason im posting, is cuz word got out that kanye was remixing the song about a week ago (had the nets going crazy)…..well the song dropped yesterday and im HIGHLY disappointed….sooo i wanted to post this version first and later on ill throw up the remix, let me know which one you think is better..

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