"I hate when work gets in the way of my blogging"

Kendrick Lamar Feat. Kendrick Lamar (Played by Dr. Dre) – The Recipe (Woman, Weed & Weather) [Prod. Scoop DeVille]

lol i really wish dr. dre would just hold a press conference, announce that he’s done making music and gonna focus solely on selling overpriced, bass heavy, low quality headphones…..

i mean come on man, he doesnt do the beat (thank gawd) or write his verse (THANK GAWD) so please again, tell me what the hell is he on the song for?

and kendrick i love you (pause) but your ghostwriting needs SERIOUS work…the key to ghostwriting is to make it sound like the person youre writing for…this was not accomplished in the least, in fact it sounds like a verse that youd write for yourself…

that being said, i fucks with it…

wheres the download? well here’s the one major change that comes with tde now being under the interscope/aftermath machine….JEWLUMINATIIIIIIIII!!!!! everywhere ive gone to download this shit has pulled up nothing but “cease and desist ” messages…if you wanna cop you can go to itunes and get it HERE.

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