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XXL Abortion List 2012

im not even gonna lie my first reaction went something like this…..




and then finally….

hit the bungee for the what the list should have looked like …

  • Future (yea he got that underwater flow, but he makes hits)
  • MGK (this kid is a fucking douchebag, gatsby’s gone as far to say he wishes him to fail, lol..still deserving of a spot though)
  • Don Trip (overnight sensation had a track, about the ills of child visitation, reached ceelo who remixed it)
  • French Montana (another bad boy signee)
  • Iggy Azelea ScHoolboy Q (TDE’s next up)
  • Kid Ink *A$AP Rocky Action Bronson (sounds like ghostface, looks like a white rozay, can spit like royce da 5’9)
  • Roscoe Dash (dont necessarily agree with the pick, but i understand it)
  • Macklemore Casey Veggies (im baffled he’s not on the list)
  • Hopsin Dom Kennedy (he’s headlining his first tour this year, not even half of the people on this list can say that)
  • Danny Brown **2 Chainz Phil Ade’ (DMV’s next up)

* A$AP Rocky declined to be on the list, and from the looks of the list? i dont fucking blame him

** 2 Chainz isnt necessarily a freshman…hes apart of the dtp group playaz circle, but he is a freshman as a solo artist

if you dont know who these artist are that ive selected , click their names and itll go to one of their more popular joints….

this list has lost all credibility, and its a shame, because its something i think hip hop needs and looks forward too….

old school nate, TAKE NOTES!

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