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Blu gets called out by fan for lack luster performance (Video)

“While I don’t agree with the fan jumping on stage, I think the dude was right with Blu putting on a weak show. He was wasted, forgetting his lines, mumbling, and literally leaning on the mic stand for balance in the corner the entire show. Such a shame when the dude is obviously so talented, getting that trashed where he can’t put on a decent show. Let’s hope he gets his thing together…”

this shit is just sad man……and i agree with homie who uploaded the video….rushing the stage is not some shit you should be doing, and 9 times outta 10 will prolly get fucked up by some failed college offensive lineman but the dude was actually pretty respectful about the whole situation….he paid for a show and blu sitting in the corner mumbling his lyrics and shit is not whats up…..worst part about it is dude has been doing this shit ALOT lately….

since we’re talking about blu, below the heavens, his much lauded project with exile, came out in 2007 (TWOTHOUSANDSEVEN)…..since then he has yet to release an official mixtape…and if he does release soemthing, its either some weird ass instrumental shit, or unmastered unmixed shit, which has the sound quality of pressing record on your macbook and spitting…..somethings up with dude and he needs to get it together, cause if he continues on this path, he’ll end up just like my boy charles hamilton did…..and thats not a good look

shouts to gatsby

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