"I hate when work gets in the way of my blogging"

French Montana signed with Bad Boy instead of G.O.O.D Music because……..

so we all know french is alittle off , right? i mean he slurs his words like hes drunk and talks……..really……..slow lol…

well i found out a few months ago that he was shot in the head (yes…the HEAD), so im like ok ill give this nigga a pass….then i read this article with him on why he decided to sign with diddy and bad boy instead of kanye and g.o.o.d music … go head and guess:

a. bad boy offered more money

b. diddy offered him his own imprint under bad boy

c. french montana doesnt know how to use email

d. being more of a priority at bad boy, than at g.o.o.d music

heres your answer :

“Kanye doesn’t have a phone. If you need to get in contact with Kanye, you have to email him,” said the 27-year-old. “You can’t tell me how to do that. I don’t know how to use an email, so I guess me and you is never gonna talk, and I’ma put my career in your hands? He’s definitely talented and I felt like if I went there, we would have definitely made history.”‘

[via The Angie Martinez Show]

i got nothing …………

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