"I hate when work gets in the way of my blogging"

Chris Paul – “He tried to touch the top of my head…..pause” (Video)

this was a great game by the way…..cant wait for them to meet again….

those that didnt see what happend check the video below

heres probably how the “conversation” went

paul: yousa a bitch

gasol: *pats paul on the head* yea ok lil nikka

paul: dont fucking touch me *reaches for pau’s head…pause

gasol: da fuck outta here lol *laughing as he pushes paul away like a little kid*


real talk though gasol’s lucky paul didnt go all beltre on his ass lol

heres what happened after the game…

i love the “go to your room lil nigga!” point gasol gave…it was ALMOST believable but lets be real….cp3’s been a goon since wake forest check the evidence below

exactly pau, you aint about that life! lol

shouts to boxden for this

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