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Stephen A. Smith goes off on Ny Knicks (ESPN Radio) [Video]

the goat (FUCK YOU BROUSSARD) brings up some great points…

– if they offer you dwight for amare and chandler, do you make that move?

ehhhhh i wouldnt. wait till baron gets back, I think thats the key here, a legit PG. should they be playing this badly even with the PG’s they have no? FUCK NO. but i think thats part of the problem.

– does d’antoni need to go after only 16 games?  

you already know where i stand with this. the new york knickerbockers are a respected franchise. they arent GS, they arent the Clippers or some other goofy small market squad thats been known to be run like a circus….you play in the greatest basketball arena EVAR, yes, EVAR (sorry boston gaaahhhhhden and Inglewood Collesium faithful) so its time to grow up NY front office, a guy who ignores defense (was once fired by one time GM of the phoenix suns, steve kerr because when asked for him to put more of an emphasis on defense, he fucking refused, lol) is not someone whose going to take your franchise to the next level (history shows, hes a classic under achiever, NEVAR been to the NBA finals).

– amare? whats up?

this has less to do with melo than people think. everywhere amare’s been, hes been set up with a quick pass first pg (nash and felton)….as soon as those guys went, his numbers dropped signifigantly. yes melo is taking alot of shots, but he aint taking all of em, theres still more shots to go around, so that you can put up more than 2 shots in a half. and the rebounding issues hes having? yea tyson is a beast, but um if you consider yourself an elite top 5 power forward, a 4 rebound game is fucking pathetic. pouting aint gonna get you no where except shipped outta town, ask lamar how thats going for him?

oh and for those who are in my fantasy league, melo’s on the block….get at me.

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