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Trap-A-Holics Presents: Juicy J X Lex Luger – Rubba Band Business

I know i know…..this cant possibly be worth the download? just a bunch of “YEA HO! ” over numerous ghetto circus beats, with the patented juicy j army steps in the background,  right?  well, yea you do get alot of that shit, but for whatever reason  this shit is actually pretty fucking good. If you like  Three Six mafia and/or “BMF” and “MC Hammer”, you should def give it a listen. and who says no to new project pat songs? that alone makes this shit worth the hard drive space.

hit the bungee for the tracklis and download….

01. Intro
02. Stunna’s Do (feat. Billy Wes)
03. Smokin’ & Sippin’
04. Rattin’ Azz
05. So Much Money
06. Party (feat. Three-6-Mafia & Roscoe Dash)
07. Hit It From The Back (feat. Diamond & Billy Wes)
08. Niggaz Got Problems
09. I Ain’t Sparin’ Niggaz
10. Flip That Bitch A Few Times
11. Get Me Hash (feat. Reno & V Slash)
12. Boom (feat. V Slash)
13. Niggaz Violate
14. Do It Big
15. Take Sun (feat. Project Pat)
16. Hood Sprung
17. Dread Shakin’ (feat. V Slash & Reno)
18. I’m 100
19. That’s What I’m Cockin’ (feat. Sno)
20. Take My Body, Lay It Down (feat. K Michelle)
21. Girl After Girl (feat. Nicki Minaj & Gucci Mane)
22. $$$ Signs (feat. Three 6 Mafia, Rick Ross & Billy Wes)
23. Outro

If thats not a ghetto allstar line up i dont know what is…..


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