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Kendrick Lamar – Monster (Freestyle)

Yea, he goes in on this….Thaaaa bloooog sites are starting to catch on to this dude finally.

O.D.  drops September 15th


Rick Ross – White Sand II (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

More visuals from the Albert Anastasia EP. This track samples one of the few non Marshall Mathers LP tracks that I enjoy from Em. Brought to us by the Untouchable Maybach Empire.

Dan Lebatard X B. Pumper X Sir Michael Rocks X Mos Def

I'm pretty sure this bitches name is "South Beach"

I'm pretty sure this bitches name is "South Beach"

For those that wanted the audio for these videos…..

Dan Lebatard – South Beach Open Your Legs-video


Dan Lebatard – Sex In October-video


B. Pumper – Oh And It’s Shave-video


Mikey Rocks – Foreign Features-video


Ski Beatz feat. Mos Def – Cream of the Planet-video


You’re Welcome

Jay & Kanye feat. Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver – Monster

So this is not going to be on ‘Ye’s upcoming album, but instead on a ten (at least) track joint album he’s doing with Jay titled Lyrically Killing My “Big Brother” Watch the Throne.

Rozay is barely on this and Nicki actually holds her own against the two “kings”.

bungee to download….


Cam’ron ft. Snoop Dogg & Red – Yo Momma On Ya

This video is incredible and I’ve been playing this shit all day. Cam’s two verses are gawd awful (there’s a version where Jim Jones gets a verse and it’s actually worse then Cam’s second verse) but Snoop’s verse and Red’s hook are great.

I am now convinced that Cam goes to worldstarhiphop daily, because this is the second time he’s turned an internet sensation into a song (See Epic Beard Man then see Amber Lamps).

Go to Miss Info’s chinky ass site for more details on how the song came about.

bungee to download….


“Bat! Bat!” Vol. 2 – RIP Lil Flip’s Career (Video)

This…..Shit…..Is……Sad.  The funeral starts at the 2:40 mark. How do you go from “I Can Do That” to that shit?

RIP to one of the the first people to put the Houston music scene on the map nationally…..

Dan Lebatard – The Sequel : Sex In October

How in the hell does Scott Van Pelt get that 11-2 spot on ESPN radio?

shouts to ali gold